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In non-technical language, Content Management Systems (CMS) are systems that make it easier foryou to update your website.   

As a business owner, why should you be interested in this?  A regularly updated website gets a higher page placement with the leading search engines like Google. If you are serious about being on Page One of Google Search, you need to be able to keep your website fresh and regularly updated. 

Your web designer or agency can do this for you, yet most businesses find this time consuming and just plain too expensive for their budgets.  We suggest that you update your site yourself; let’s face it, you are the expert on your business (not your web designer or agency). Get more bang for your buck by letting your web designer focus on your online marketing strategy and building you tools you can use yourself.

There are a number of these systems on the market. They all have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Digital Delirium focuses on understanding our clients’ business needs then recommends the best CMS system to meet those needs.

Content Management Systems (CMS) have all or some of these elements:

  • Point-and-click editing
  • Rich text formatting in a Word-like interface
  • Paste from Microsoft Word
  • Add lists and links
  • Upload, insert & resize images
  • Change text colors
  • Change font size and family
  • Switch to full screen editing
  • Align and justify paragraphs
  • Complete undo/redo support
  • Advanced users can edit HTML

What CMS systems do we use and recommend?

Perch. http://grabaperch.com

Designed for small websites (4-6 pages) without podcasts, video, or e-commerce, this is easy to set up and a low cost solution. Perch allows you to create a custom look for your website that you can’t get from the free templates many sites offer.  It also allows you to change hosting companies without having to recreate your site from scratch. 

Wordpress. http://wordpress.org

This is a very popular and easy-to-learn blogging platform. With version 3.1 and "Custom Post Types" (a really bad name) its possible to turn Wordpress into a powerful CMS with numerous free and paid for plug-ins for things like small shopping carts or podcasts.  Wordpress is an ideal solution for clients who plan to have a lot of multimedia like video or Mpeg3 Audio files on their website.

Expression Engine. http://expressionengine.com

What can we say about Expression Engine? We think it's the Rolls-Royce of CMS. It’s powerful, flexible, very secure and is often the best option for Search Engine Optimization - so that your prospects can find your site.  This is a great solution when the website is the central element in marketing your product or service.

We used Expression Engine for DigitalDelirium.com. What more can we say?

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