Social Networking Experts

What's all this Twitter about?

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are revolutionizing the way we communicate, but how do you use them for the good of your business?

At Digital Delirium, we offer strategic advice and consultancy to businesses in developing a social media strategy.


Stay in touch with your customer and prospect lists every month by sending regular newsletters about your company, special sales, limited offers…anything:

  • Instantly send emails to thousands with one keystroke
  • Avoid fear of spam, blacklisting and other common obstacles
  • Track open rates, clicks to your sites and other statistics
  • Get a professionally designed email template that matches your branding
  • Convert e-mail list and develop e-mail template
  • Write and send your monthly e-mail offer
  • Send your monthly e-mails, and provide monthly reports

Contact Management System (CMS)

Turn your contact list into an active revenue stream. Digital Delirium offers an easy-to use online program that lets you track prospects and customer contact history. We can help you pull reports to:

  • Analyze what your prospects and customers want how they shop and how you service them
  • Schedule timely follow up calls
  • Reference past conversations
  • Track prospects from first contact to conversion ... and much more

Best of all, there are no monthly fees and you can have multiple users.


Use Facebook to drive more traf?c to your website, then capture the leads or sell products directly.

  • Set up Facebook page, create usage strategy, and a 2-hour training session
  • Write initial Facebook content, includes up to 5 stock photos
  • Edit your Facebook page content


A quick and easy way to create or expand your web presence. Use blogs to build credibility, drive traf?c to your site, or to expand your Facebook content.

  • Create your ideal blogging strategy and usage
  • Design your blog, includes a 2-hour training session
  • Write initial content for your blog, includes up to 5 stock photos
  • Weekly blog maintenance (you provide content)
  • Writing weekly blog content (up to 100 words per blog)


Use Twitter to create a consistent buzz about your products or services. This works by sending your followers daily ?tweets? so you stay in the forefront of their minds.

  • Create Twitter strategy, set up account, and 2-hours of training
  • Send daily ?tweets? (weekdays only)