Reno Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts

Why SEO?

A beautifully designed site won’t help your business grow if no one can find it.  That’s why we focus on incorporating SEO techniques and coding into your site design.  In addition, we offer site optimization strategies to keep your site at the top of search pages and use SEO to support your long-term growth.

SEO Consulting

Analyzing & Assessing Your Website’s SEO ...

By Phone

We offer phone consultation regarding SEO issues on an hourly basis. We can clarify issues that come up due to a site re-design, answer questions about various SEO myths and legends, suggest strategies for optimizing your website, and address emergencies such as a sudden drop in ranking.

By An Audit

An SEO Audit is the first step in improving your website’s SEO. We research your keywords, assess your competitors’ websites, review your website’s coding, directory and file-naming structure, and content — to assess the correct approach for maximizing your website’s search engine rankings.

By An SEO Action Plan

Following our SEO Assessment, Digital Delirium can create an Action Plan which consists of detailed instructions for modifying your website’s directory and file nomenclature, title and meta tags, markup, and content --- all with the goal of increasing your website’s ranking and the lead generation.

Our Action Plan includes:

  • Directory and file names for the pages on your website
  • Content for the tag, the “description” and “keyword” meta tags, and the main header tags
  • Content consulting and recommendations
  • Linking strategies

The Action Plan can be implemented by either Digital Delirium or by your internal staff. If developed by your internal team, Digital Delirium provides a period of phone support.

By The Month ~ SEO Monthly Reporting & Management

For a monthly fee, Digital Delirium will manage your on-going SEO efforts and create monthly reports which track your search engine rankings. The report will include an analysis of your (and your competitors') high-value keywords, a monthly summary of your website’s rankings and detailed suggestions for improvement. To ensure your understanding, a phone consultation is always included.

By Research ~ Link Building Campaigns (Off-page SEO)

You can have the most “optimized” site on the Internet, but if no one is linking to your website, the search engines will not regard your website as a valuable resource.  Digital Delirium can determine where your current links are coming from, and can identify websites that are good link candidates to improve your off-page SEO.

By Local Google Search

The simplest way to drive more local traf?c to your website starts by registering your site with Google Local Search.  Through Digital Delirium we can register your site to Google Local Search and monitor your SEO message and keyword success.

Why SEO? The Answer is Clear.

The structure of your website?s code is a big part of getting your site to rank well in the big three: Google, Yahoo, MSN.

 Search engines are our new phone books. Fortunately, the major search engines have responded to this need ... and they're looking for you!