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Would You like to Make Your WordPress Website Much More Secure?

Two of WordPress Most Popular Security Plugins : Sucuri and "iThemes Security." Here's detail screen-cast video where I show you how to configure two of WordPress most popular and powerful security plugins. Sucuri Security - Auditing, Malware… Read more

WordPress:“The Need For Speed!”

Speed has become very important; not only for Google but also for website consumers. Anybody that comes to a website today expects to see pages loading quickly.

Here’s a dirty little secret that the WordPress community doesn’t really want to talk about in public. WordPress has… Read more

WordPress & Responsive Design: The Myths & Realities Connected to WordPress

As a business owner or marketer, having a website that is easy to use on a number of different type of mobile devices is crucial in 2014.

I was looking at some figures from Techcrunch, which I found interesting. Basically, it shows that more people are using mobile devices and apps rather… Read more

Plugins that you effectually build your newsletter list up

The honest truth is unless you are a well-known public figure or have a very powerful following in a very niche industry/sector nobody is going to “just join” your newsletter list. The only way around this is to over great content month to month that proves to your visitors that it worth… Read more

The 5 WordPress Plugins I Almost Always Install on Client’s Websites

The 5 WordPress Plugins I Almost Always Install on Client's Websites

Some of the best WordPress plugins will work for almost any site. As a web developer, I’ve come to rely on five outstanding plugins that truly provide value for almost any application. In no particular order, here… Read more

WordPress and Membership Plugins

So you want to sell your knowledge and to people online? This is a growing and interesting market that has some great opportunities. And the good news is that there are a number of top quality WordPress plugins that will help you develop a great membership-powered website. The bad news is that producing… Read more

WordPress and eCommerce

It’s a strange fact that, when it comes to eCommerce, you will find a strong duality streak at its core.

The web-based technology that I would normally recommend to a client for eCommerce changes regularly as products evolve and update. On the other hand, some of the fundamental questions… Read more

The New Updated WordPress Event Espresso 4 Plugin

Event Espresso: one of the best event registration & ticketing management WordPress plugins (and just gets better with the release of version 4!).

So you need an online event & ticketing management function that you can integrate into your WordPress website.

Read more

How To Make Your WordPress Website A Speed Machine!

There are three main reasons why speed is important.

1)   Customer usability

2)   Better Google & SEO (search engine optimization) results

3)   Mobile usability in an increasingly mobile world

The way customers view… Read more

AppPresser: one of the most amazing WordPress plugins of 2014?

Have you heard of AppPresser yet?

I feel this is one of the most exciting plugins that has come out of the WordPress community for a past couple of years. Its core ambition is quite mind-blowing! AppPresser allows you to build iOS and Android apps using… Read more

5 of the best WordPress contact form plugins for 2014

Forms are a central part of any WordPress-powered website. So what are the best free and paid plugin options for your forms?

Let’s start by looking at some of the free plugins available.

Contact Form 7

Contact… Read more

WordPress Security 2014

Here's my notes from my joint presentationI with Dylan Kuhn on WordPresss security "Honey It's Always About Security" to the Reno WordPress Meet-up Group on Thursday the 13th 2014 at the Reno Collective… Read more

3 WordPress Plugins & Services That Make It Easy to Develop Effective Sales, Landing & Squeeze Pages

The more we learn about how people use the Internet, the clearer it becomes that if you want to get somebody’s attention, you’ve got to do it in about half a second before they click or scroll away.

The value of a great landing page, squeeze page or sales page is that it communicates… Read more

To Sell More Through Your Website, You Have to Defy the Laws of Thermodynamics

So you want to see more traffic and more sales from your website? The harsh truth is that your website might not be the problem in itself – the problem is in how much value you are wringing out of it.

What constitutes value? It’s all about how much benefit you receive versus how… Read more

Apple iOS 7 The Good The Bad and Ugly

It’s been a few weeks since iOS 7 was released to the world at the special presentation Apple held in San Francisco. I thought I would let all… Read more

Wordpress 3.6 “Oscar” makes your website even more powerful

I’m a big fan of Wordpress and its great development community. However, I wouldn’t say I’m totally blinded to its weaknesses. I will use and recommend a different CMS (content management solution) if a project or the client needs are not a good fit for Wordpress. In these cases,… Read more

Google Chromecast, Apple TV & Roku Which One to Buy?

The living room/television market is currently seen as one of the few completely open markets in the home technology sector. For a number of years, all the big players in the technology market have been trying to work out how they can dominate it.

There’s a battle going on between the… Read more

Wordpress Plugins: My 5 Favorites For September 2013

One of the great things about Wordpress is that you can extend its core functionality with plugins. Nevertheless, you soon learn that you have to be really fussy about  what plugins you use.

Some of the sites that I’ve been asked to take over and support have had big plugin addictions:… Read more

5 Ways to Beat the Competition With a Killer Web Presence

In some circles, you get the impression that building a successful website is so easy that a chimpanzee could do it. That’s nonsense, obviously: These days, it takes a lot of work in both planning and content development to get any real results from a business website.

In pure technology… Read more

If you are buying a new computer, should you upgrade to Windows 8?

Digital Delirium is a direct digital marketing company that uses technology to get real results for our clients. Since we build a special relationship with our customers, we often get asked for advice regarding their on-going IT problems.

One of the most commonly asked questions recently… Read more

Getting more customers by integrating your email marketing

I was looking at some interesting figures American Marketing Association recently published as to where people are spending their time and money when online. As one may expect, its social; from Facebook to Twitter and a host of other social networks like Google… Read more

How Social Media Can Secure New Customers

This month I am sharing my insight to one major question that all small to medium size business owners ask themselves: “Can social media in 2013 help me get new customers?”   To get to that insight, I will review a few key subjects to help you better… Read more

A Host of Mini Tablets Just Before Christmas! Which One Should You Buy For A Perfect Christmas Gift?

We have recently seen some really interesting development in the world of tablets so yes, I am going to talk about them again. It’s been one of my most… Read more

Mobile Growing Every Month in Reno

I’ve been really busy dealing with new websites so after taking a quick summer breather here is a new Digital Delirium newsletter posting.

I recently attended a presentation given by Mike Williams, chief of technologies at Lake Tahoe based Smith… Read more

Native Apps is it Really Worth Spending $5000 +?

Comparing responsive design versus native app

Effective mobile presence is the key to growing your business online in 2012.  With this knowledge at the forefront, economic challenges have not deterred local businesses from attaining native app.  This directly emphasizes the fact… Read more

How Do I Get My Website On Page 1 of Google?

I get asked this question quite a lot by local business owners and regional community organizers. It's a good question as it's getting more and more important that your organization's website be easily found by the leading search engines.

I'm going to give you some general… Read more

How can I use social media effectively

Almost every time I go to any sort of business networking event lately I hear this same question being asked; “How can I use social media effectively”?

I don't want this to be just another blog post that offers generalities, or my personal views on how I think you should us… Read more

Year End Wrap Up-The Tablet Wars

It seems like only yesterday I was talking about tablets in my January 2011 Digital Delirium’s newsletter. Where did the year go?

I want to look back at my predictions for tables and see if I was at all correct in what I said.

Last January I said that Apple would be facing some… Read more

iPhone 4 S , Chris Guthrie the death Steve Jobs

iPhone 4 S

So what’s the buzz on the iPhone 4S? It is Siri; the virtual assistant. Apple’s web page says Siri, “Your wish is its command.”Read more

You want more local & national clients customers don’t you?

I’ve been doing a lot thinking lately about my mum and dad. My parents probably lived through bigger changes in their lifetime than the previous three generations of their families put together.

My mum was brought up in a small town in YorkshireRead more

HP falls victim to the tablet wars

It’s been an interesting time in the technology sector over the past couple of weeks, with HP saying that it is now planning to sell off its computer hardware divisions including the division that was making the “TouchPad” tablet based on the Palm webOS operating system. Retailers… Read more

Google + a Facebook Killer?

I thought for this month's Digital Delirium newsletter I would discuss the new Google online application Google +.

Over the past couple of years, Google has unsuccessfully produced a few social media applications,… Read more

Apple’s Lion versus Windows 8

It has been a very interesting couple of weeks in the computer industry, with both Apple and Microsoft showing their development communities and the general public what they see as the future of their operating systems. I’m going to start with Apple's… Read more

Smart phones: Which one is right for you in 2011?

Smart phones: Which one is right for you?

There are a number of smart phones on the market today and it’s all getting very confusing for the non-techie consumer.… Read more

Attack of the PC!

I’m a web developer/designer/email marketer not a PC repair guy. However, as my clients get to know and trust me questions about viruses and basic security are asked.  

In my last blog I did some 2011 predictions about the iPad competitors… Read more

Digital Delirium 2011 predictions for Facebook, tablets and Cloud services

2010 has been an interesting year not only for Digital Delirium but for technology and social media as well.

While technology slowed, social media exploded. Who could have guessed… Read more

Content Management Systems; why you need to know

Choosing the right Web based Content Management Systems (CMS) for your website.

Choosing the Right CMS Why Does… Read more

Seth Godin and his book The Purple Cow

Web Chat Episode 2 Seth Godin and his book The Purple Cow from jonathandenwood on Vimeo.

Read more

Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush IT

Web Chat-Episode 1: Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush IT from jonathandenwood on Vimeo.

Read more

Questions To Ask About E-commerce Websites: Hosted vs. Non-Hosted

Many people are considering e-commerce as their primary sales method or at least as part of their comprehensive sales and marketing plan. If you’re thinking about this virtual sales tool, there are a number of key issues you need to clarify about your future, or current, e-commerce based website.

Read more

It’s Time to Get off The Bitch Train, Folks!

Yes folks, it’s time to get off the bitch train! What do I mean? We have gone though one of the worse economic periods since the Second World War. However, most of the shakers and movers of the business world would agree that it looks like that we might be seeing the first signs of an end this… Read more

Building Your Business Using Multimedia

Read more

Disappointments Rooted in Lack of SEO

I hear these types of remarks all too often:

“I had a great website designed for the business but nobody goes and uses it and I don’t think it’s bought any real benefits to the business and it cost loads of money it all the web designer's fault.”Read more

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